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The rise and rise of digital
Wednesday, 21st August 2013

Kemtek and HP jointly hosted ‘VIP events’ at which the keynote speaker was Alon Bar-Shany .
The evolution of printing from Gutenberg’s 14th century invention of movable type to the 21st century revolution of ‘the cloud’; a world in which more than two billion people are online, six billion are mobile phone subscribers, and Facebook users have reached the one-billion mark . . .  amazing facts such as these formed the introduction to a presentation by Alon Bar-Shany, HP Indigo’s charismatic general manager and VP, who took guests through this technological explosion during luncheons hosted jointly by HP and Kemtek in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Painting a picture of the decline of offset since 2007, Alon went on to underline the contrasting rise of digital in the 20 years since the world’s first digital press was unveiled at Ipex in 1993.

‘While 2010 saw the end of printed versions of Encyclopaedia Britannica and Newsweek, and while the newspaper industry lost in ten years what it had gained in the previous 50 years, some printers have seen their fortunes rise,’ Alon declared. ‘Most Indigo customers have thrived.’

Enter the Indigo 10000
Coming to the meat of his presentation, Alon announced the latest breakthrough in Indigo’s 20-year run of constant innovation – the HP Indigo 10000 digital press. 

Formally launched at last year’s drupa, this press is now commercially available.

The first offset-quality digital press in a B2 size format, the HP Indigo 10000 is helping print service providers (PSPs) to grow their businesses through increased efficiency and a wider range of digital print applications.

‘PSPs constantly look to improve productivity, expand capabilities and diversify applications to deliver more value and higher-quality products,’ Alon remarked.

‘The HP Indigo 10000 is delivering on its promise to help our customers produce a broader range of applications and increase profitability.’

The Indigo 10000 maintains all the capabilities that distinguish the HP Indigo portfolio in a wider format that expands digital printing capabilities, while crossing over into traditionally offset markets.

After its début at drupa, the press underwent beta testing by ten PSPs across the globe. Many of these beta customers are already considering adding a second unit, Alon revealed.

As an example of the success of the Indigo 10000, Alon cited one beta customer who’s printing an oversized direct mail campaign for the automotive industry with three different templates on a 48-hour turnaround time for each record list – printing smoothly over 40 000 impressions during each shift, including weekends. 

[Article kindly supplied by PACKAGING & Print Media]

A perfect autumn day at Groot Constantia provided the backdrop to Kemtek and HP’s joint ‘VIP event’. Playing leading roles were Wayne Barker, Wendy McLoughlin, Gavin van Rensburg, Pierre Driver, Alon Bar-Shany, Ran Landau and Insa Montserrat Peidro.
Among label industry guests were Rotolabel’s Mike Bremer and Wicus Maritz.
HP’s Ran Landau caught up with Vaughn Glover (CTP Printers) and Peter Sproul (SA Litho).


Irn Bru uses Indigo digital print for new 30th anniversary campaign.
Building on the success of “Bru’s Your Clan” in Jan 2015 Irn Bru launch new anniversary pack campaign featuring labels produced on HP Indigo technology.
  ITMA 2015: Durst presents the new Alpha series
Durst, the industrial inkjet applications specialist, will be launching the Alpha series, a new generation of super multi-pass inkjet printers for the digital production of home textiles and fashion at ITMA 2015 at stand C103 in hall 18.


HP Indigo 10 000 Digital Press
The 29 inch format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press produces any commercial job—with Indigo quality, substrate versatility, and production flexibility. This robust press is an easy fit for offset print service providers, printing large volumes of high-value pages and a wide variety of applications.

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