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Toekie Rudaizky and the Family Boss, Thomas Hector
Thursday, 7th August 2014

From the middle of this month I will no longer be employed as Chairman of Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings Limited. There is a general feeling amongst our executives that, at age 86, after 56 years years of devotion to this exciting and extremely interesting business, it’s time for me to take a more objective observation of our efforts and to remain on as a director, but in a consultative capacity. Reluctantly I have to agree that it’s time and the fact that I can still be of use in our future planning activities, makes me feel a very useful and  thankful retiree.

For those of you in the industry and those of you who are employed at Kemtek, I believe I should complete a task that I have wanted to finish for some time. It is a very pleasurable task and I may enlist some of the “old timers” who are prepared to share experiences with me and to help me record changes in the industry with which we have been intimately concerned.

It is no secret that “Kemtek” always sold knowledge, skill and expertise with the products we marketed. Our success was never “only profit driven” and I hope those of you that will read this brief recollection of our efforts, will also agree that our main approach has always been one of complete knowledge  and understanding of our product range and its fit and usefulness in the industries we serve.

I am happy and confident that our Board of Directors have had many years of experience and are completely competent to run our company. I am also happy that Dave Savage, who has been on our Board for many years, will take over as Chairman. My son, Peter, who runs Kemtek Australia, will serve the South African company as Vice Chairman and Thys Neser will also continue as a Non-Executive Director.

To Gavin van Rensburg, our Group Managing Director, to Ken Spellas, our Financial Director and Executive Board members, Mark Broude, Pierre Driver, Steve Gordon, Dirk Bezuidenhout, Gavin Rubin, as well as long serving Stores Manager,  Joe Bosman and to all 200 remaining executive and staff members, thank you for your support and assistance, which has made my life’s work a real pleasure.

Toekie and Thomas


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