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La Sentinelle opts for Fujifilm flexibility
Thursday, 27th November 2014

La Sentinelle, Mauritius, is taking advantage of all the benefits of Fujifilm’s lo-chem plate production systems, purchasing a compact, robust FLH-Z Series platemaker, processing Brillia HD LH-PXE plates. Naheer Himmatkhan, prepress manager, says the system is already significantly lowering chemistry use and waste production, as well as providing a cleaner and more stable working environment.

The award-winning FLH-Z Series of plate processors is designed for use with Fujifilm's 'lo-chem' thermal CtP plates and each model incorporates Fujifilm's unique intelligent 'ZAC' microprocessor control system, which assists in achieving consistent, high-quality plate production with minimal chemistry use and maintenance.

A full bath of developer can develop up to 15 000m2 of plates resulting in substantial savings in developer consumption. For instance, a printer using around 10 000 B1 plates over a one- to three-month period can reduce chemistry consumption to around 294 litres – a saving of over 80%.

Maintaining perfect developer activity also allows extended developer bath life, typically four or five times greater than normal plate processing systems. The chemistry used for processing plates in a ‘ZAC’ system is a nonsilicate-based recipe, which also assists in reducing developer sludge and filter blockages.

Because of the way ‘ZAC’ processors intelligently control replenisher delivery they’re highly stable, making top-grade platemaking simple, irrespective of changes to environmental conditions. This is particularly important for La Sentinelle’s demanding FM screening applications.

Premium plate production

Fujifilm’s Brillia HD LH-PXE plates incorporate an Enhanced Development Layer (EDL) improving the solubility of the non-image areas and extending bath life, ultimately giving wider developing latitude and a cleaner working area. The chemistry used contains no alcohol or solvents, further enhancing the working environment.

Brillia HD LH-PXE has excellent long run length ability without the need for plate baking but can be post-baked if higher run lengths are necessary.  To withstand the stress of these long runs, the plate also incorporates a new strong alloy base to resist cracking and splitting, reducing the need for costly remakes and press downtime.

‘We wanted a top-notch, stable CtP thermal plate that offers value for money in terms of printing mileage, press stability and a “green” prepress environment,’ states Naheer. ‘And, by replacing our existing thermal CtP plate brand with Fujifilm’s Brillia HD LH-PXE plates and lo-chem FLH-Z processor we’ve now been given the golden opportunity to fulfil these important prerequisites.’ Naheer and his team received comprehensive training from Kemtek’s Gavin Rubin (workflow), Vitor Madeira (CtP), Colin Ritchie (colour management/flexo) and Kevin Naidu (flexo) and now each operator is capable of producing plates at much higher screen rulings and resolution.

‘With Kemtek’s support, and Fujifilm’s ZAC software, we’re also realising maximum savings on chemistry usage. Our noticeable increase in quality, productivity and stability is also benefiting hundreds of our valued customers.’

La Sentinelle’s all-new Fujifilm lo-chem plate production system is already saving chemistry costs and providing a clean and stable working environment.


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