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Embracing the digital age
Tuesday, 14th April 2015

‘The View Boutique Hotel’, situated in the heart of Auckland Park, one of Johannesburg’s oldest suburbs, provided the perfect venue last month for an intimate VIP dinner, hosted by Kemtek and HP Indigo vice president and general manager, Alon Bar-Shany.
Relaxed and jovial after a positive working week in South Africa, Alon shared his views on the state of play in the global digital market and how the local printing industry can benefit during a digital revolution.
‘For decades, the broader printing sector has been under pressure, and future global growth certainly lies within independent and family-owned businesses,’ he remarked. ‘It’s a pressurised industry, yet there are still lots of opportunities for expansion, especially in the digital print environment. For the last ten years, HP Indigo has realised a 10% year-on-year growth. This is owing to the strength of the technology and the visionary ideas of customers looking to create extra value,’ he added. ‘Like other developing countries, South Africa has its unique challenges, such as a vast unskilled labour pool, slow bandwidth, and “the elephant in the room” – unreliable power! However, despite these tests, South Africa’s printing entrepreneurs are well placed to thrive. Ten years ago in Brazil, a country that has many parallels with South Africa, the printing industry was flailing. There were no HP Indigo presses in operation then. However, now there are 150, and a whole new way of printing has evolved.’    
During his visits to local customers, Alon welcomed the opportunity to discuss market drivers and challenges. ‘I find South Africa a highly-competitive, yet confined market,’ he stated. ‘Although I see several HP Indigo operators creating profitable business on their systems, there’s still more room for competency, especially in terms of sharing knowledge with brand owners and agencies on the quality of digital printing and its flexibility in new, value-added segments such as packaging and photo books.’    
As a qualified practitioner in his field, Alon encouraged all HP Indigo owners in the room to utilise the services of Dscoop, an independent global community of HP Graphic Arts business owners and technical professionals who use HP Indigo equipment.
‘Established in 2005, Dscoop supports a membership of 8 000 professionals, who have access to a variety of unique benefits, including the annual Dscoop conference and Dscoop University, which is a community-driven portal offering information, training and education tools, such as webinars, to address specific business challenges, and much more,’ Alon stressed. ‘It’s really worthwhile getting involved in Dscoop. Its interactive platform assists in generating new ideas and promoting knowledge sharing with a wide network of members who all want the same result – success with profit! There may be uncertainty in the global printing industry, but I remain optimistic that anyone can overcome the challenges and, with the tools available to help you flourish, you just need to form a mental decision to take the next step and determine where you want to be in the next two to five years. Whatever you choose, HP Indigo and Kemtek are committed and engaged, and have the passion and understanding required to support you every step of the way.’  

Gathered together at this year’s VIP dinner were Bryan Nathan (Fishwicks), Ran Landau (HP Indigo), Ofer Givaty (Tadbik) and Ronnie Kassuto (Fishwicks).
Joining HP’s Tony Patton for a welcome drink were Ebbie Mohammed and Lucas Mcdowall from Trident Press, and Shaun Bowen.
Trempak’s Linda and Graham Finke enjoyed a relaxing dinner with Alon Bar-Shany.
Gavin van Rensburg (Kemtek Group MD), with Wendy McLoughlin (Business Development – HP Indigo) and Ran Landau (HP Indigo & IHPS regional business manager).


Irn Bru uses Indigo digital print for new 30th anniversary campaign.
Building on the success of “Bru’s Your Clan” in Jan 2015 Irn Bru launch new anniversary pack campaign featuring labels produced on HP Indigo technology.
  ITMA 2015: Durst presents the new Alpha series
Durst, the industrial inkjet applications specialist, will be launching the Alpha series, a new generation of super multi-pass inkjet printers for the digital production of home textiles and fashion at ITMA 2015 at stand C103 in hall 18.


HP Indigo 10 000 Digital Press
The 29 inch format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press produces any commercial job—with Indigo quality, substrate versatility, and production flexibility. This robust press is an easy fit for offset print service providers, printing large volumes of high-value pages and a wide variety of applications.

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