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Durst Water Technology triumphs
Tuesday, 21st July 2015

In the last few years, Durst's development of inkjet technologies has significantly contributed to analogue processes being replaced by digital production processes, enhancing print flexibility and efficiency and enabling printers to react to given market situations and realise new opportunities.
Currently, Durst's multi-purpose solution is a UV-based inkjet printer system that provides excellent results on just about any material, and allows printers to compile an extensive product portfolio.

However, the market is constantly evolving, with fresh niches emerging and requirements being constantly adapted, some of which are not suitable for UV-inks. As part of its continuous research and development, Durst is seeking to eventually eliminate all pollutants to provide a truly ‘green’ ink and, for textile and soft signage printing, it’s already providing printers with water-based dispersion, acid and reactive ink systems that are free of volatile organic compounds.
With its all-new Water Technology, Durst is now taking printing to the next level by providing a sustainability potential for classical advertising media and applications and, with its latest Rho WT 250 HS printer series, it’s combining speed and exceptional quality. Featuring Quadro Array 10M printheads with double the number of nozzles compared to the Rho P10 250, the Rho WT 250 HS offers P10 ‘fine art’ print quality with a resolution of up to 1 000dpi, and a print capability beyond 370m2/hour. A true hybrid, the Rho P10 250HS can print on rigid and roll media equally fast and the change from one to the other is quick and simple.The Rho P10 250HS also has LED Pin curing in combination with conventional UV drying, plus Durst Variodrop technology that contributes to productivity and improved image quality.

Durst Water Technology doesn’t replace the proven UV-printer systems, but rather expands the existing production portfolio with migration-, pollutant-, and odour-free options, which are currently in high demand with the interior, packaging and POS segments.

Featuring Durstís all-new Water Technology, the Rho WT 250 HS offers P10 Ďfine artí print quality with a resolution of up to 1 000dpi, and a print capability beyond 370m2/hour.


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  ITMA 2015: Durst presents the new Alpha series
Durst, the industrial inkjet applications specialist, will be launching the Alpha series, a new generation of super multi-pass inkjet printers for the digital production of home textiles and fashion at ITMA 2015 at stand C103 in hall 18.


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