HP Indigo 5600

Capable of printing well over two million color pages or five million monochrome pages per month, the press is the leading choice for medium volume

Using the Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), the press can print color jobs at a speed of 90 pages per minute. It also reaches a monochrome speed of 272 ppm. Multiple drawers enable continuous printing, reducing operator intervention and increasing uptime.

Enabled by HP Indigo’s liquid Electro Ink technology and unique digital offset process, HP Indigo prints are of the highest quality, matching or even exceeding offset, allowing them to be used interchangeably.

  • Up to 7 on-press ink stations enable use of HP Indigo’s wide digital color gamut, including special effect inks
  • 4, 6 or 7 process colors for vivid printing and accurate on-press Pantone emulations
  • True spot colors, mixed off press, for perfect Pantone-certified solids 

Compatible with more than 2500 certified substrates—the widest choice in the industry—the press prints on a range of uncoated and coated papers as well as on unique substrates such as synthetics, dark, transparent, metallic, and recycled media, and paperboard for folding cartons.

The press is built on the successful platform of the HP Indigo press 5500. Most of the innovations in the press are available as upgrade options for the HP Indigo press 5500, securing existing investment.